Fashion rules that are meant to be broken


Fashion is a constantly evolving industry that often comes with its own set of rules. From what colors to wear to how to style certain pieces, there are many guidelines that people tend to follow when it comes to fashion. However, some rules are meant to be broken. Here are a few fashion rules that you should feel free to ignore:

1. Don’t mix prints: One of the oldest fashion rules in the book is to avoid mixing different prints, but in reality, this can create a bold and unique look. Experiment with mixing stripes and florals or plaid and polka dots for a fun and trendy outfit.

2. Don’t wear white after Labor Day: This rule is outdated and no longer relevant. White can be worn any time of year and can even make a statement in the fall and winter months. Pair a white sweater with dark jeans for a chic and modern look.

3. Don’t wear black with navy: Black and navy are both classic colors that can actually complement each other well. Pairing a navy top with black jeans or a black blazer with a navy dress can create a sophisticated and stylish outfit.

4. Don’t mix metals: Mixing silver and gold used to be a faux pas, but now it’s considered fashion-forward. Mix and match different metal accessories like rings, bracelets, and necklaces for a modern and eclectic look.

5. Match your accessories to your outfit: While matching your shoes, bag, and jewelry to your outfit was once the norm, it’s now more fashionable to mix and match. Pairing a bright statement bag with a neutral outfit or wearing bold earrings with a simple dress can add an unexpected pop of style.

6. Don’t wear socks with sandals: Socks and sandals are no longer just for tourists. In fact, pairing cute socks with trendy sandals can create a fashion-forward and quirky look. Try wearing sheer or patterned socks with slides or open-toe sandals for a playful and stylish outfit.

7. Only wear certain colors together: The old rule of only wearing certain colors together no longer applies. Experiment with mixing different color combinations like pink and red, blue and green, or orange and purple for a fresh and bold look.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun with your style, so don’t be afraid to break the rules and try something new. By experimenting with different colors, prints, and styles, you can create a truly unique and personal wardrobe that reflects your individuality. Remember, fashion rules are meant to be broken, so embrace your creativity and let your style shine.

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