The hidden gems of 80s cult classics you need to see on RareFlicksPlus


There’s something special about the cult classics of the 80s that just can’t be replicated in today’s modern films. From the unforgettable soundtracks to the iconic fashion choices, the 80s was truly a golden era for cinema. Luckily, there’s a streaming service that specializes in bringing these hidden gems to the forefront for a new generation to enjoy. RareFlicksPlus is a treasure trove of 80s cult classics that you need to see.

One of the standout features of RareFlicksPlus is the selection of rare and hard-to-find films that you won’t find on any other streaming service. These are the hidden gems that have been lost to time, but are now being brought back to life for a whole new audience to discover. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of 80s cinema or just looking to expand your film knowledge, RareFlicksPlus has something for everyone.

From the outlandish comedy of “The Toxic Avenger” to the hauntingly beautiful “Wings of Desire,” RareFlicksPlus has a diverse selection of films that will have you glued to your screen for hours on end. These are the movies that defined a generation and continue to inspire filmmakers to this day.

If you’re on the hunt for a specific cult classic from the 80s, RareFlicksPlus is the place to find it. With a simple search function, you can easily locate your favorite films and start watching them instantly. No more scouring the internet for hours trying to track down a rare VHS copy – RareFlicksPlus has you covered.

In addition to their streaming service, RareFlicksPlus also has a store where you can purchase physical copies of your favorite films. From limited edition box sets to rare posters, the rareflix store is a film lover’s paradise. You can now own a piece of cinema history and display it proudly in your home for all to see.

So why waste your time scrolling through endless options on other streaming services when you can head straight to RareFlicksPlus for the best selection of 80s cult classics? With their unique selection of rare and hard-to-find films, you’re sure to discover something new and exciting every time you log on.

In conclusion, RareFlicksPlus is a must-have streaming service for any fan of 80s cinema. With their extensive collection of hidden gems and rare finds, you’ll never run out of movies to watch. And with the added bonus of the RareFlix Store, you can now own your favorite films and proudly display them in your home. So grab your popcorn, kick back, and prepare to be transported back to the golden era of cinema with RareFlicksPlus.

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