Top 10 Hedgehog-friendly Plants for Your Garden


Hedgehogs are adorable little creatures that can often be found roaming around gardens in search of food and shelter. These prickly mammals play an important role in our ecosystem by keeping insect populations in check and aerating the soil as they forage for food. As more and more natural habitats are disappearing, it’s crucial for us to provide hedgehogs with safe spaces to thrive in our gardens.

One way to attract hedgehogs to your garden is by planting hedgehog-friendly plants. These plants not only provide food and shelter for hedgehogs but also create a beautiful and diverse garden for you to enjoy. If you’re looking to create a hedgehog-friendly garden, here are the top 10 plants you should consider planting:

1. Lavender: This fragrant herb is loved by hedgehogs and will attract pollinators to your garden.

2. Sunflowers: These bright and cheerful flowers provide seeds that hedgehogs love to munch on.

3. Fuchsia: This colorful plant provides nectar for pollinators and berries for hedgehogs to enjoy.

4. Marigolds: These hardy flowers are great for deterring pests and attracting hedgehogs.

5. Foxgloves: These tall and elegant flowers provide a great hiding spot for hedgehogs.

6. Hollyhocks: These tall flowers add a beautiful vertical element to your garden and provide nectar for pollinators.

7. Buddleia: Also known as the butterfly bush, this plant attracts butterflies and other pollinators that hedgehogs love to snack on.

8. Thyme: This aromatic herb is loved by hedgehogs and adds a savory touch to your garden.

9. Berberis: This thorny shrub provides a natural barrier for hedgehogs and offers tasty berries.

10. Catmint: This fragrant herb attracts pollinators and provides a cozy spot for hedgehogs to rest.

By planting these hedgehog-friendly plants, you can create a welcoming and diverse garden that will not only attract hedgehogs but also benefit other wildlife in your area. To make your garden even more hedgehog-friendly, consider creating a hedgehog house or leaving small piles of leaves and twigs for them to use as nesting material.

If you’re looking for more hedgehog-friendly plants to add to your garden, check out The Hedgehog Collection. This collection features a variety of plants that are perfect for attracting and supporting hedgehogs in your garden. With The Hedgehog Collection, you can create a beautiful and wildlife-friendly garden that is sure to be a haven for hedgehogs and other creatures.

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